All diseases begin in the intestines

– said Hippocrates. And thousands of years later, when the problems of the gastrointestinal tract are increasing, the world has finally begun to listen to him.

About us:

Living with pets is our way of life for many years and generations, extremely useful and full of unconditional love and joy. Our pets are a wonderful part of our family. We care for them just as much as we care for each other.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and spreading the same to our friends, animals, allows us to enjoy our lives to the fullest and forced us to create “TK Organica”.

“TK Organica” was founded on solid family values, with love for animals, we offer premium, whole, natural products for all of you who care about your pets.

We used world research, scientific knowledge and collective experience. Combining the experience of a veterinarian, animal nutritionist and an experienced technologist to present a premium line of advanced natural dietary supplements for pets.

In the process, we carefully selected the manufacturer to ensure the highest production standards as well as high quality ingredients.


A healthy and strong bee colony is a guarantee of high productivity and profit for the beekeeper. That is why it is necessary to prevent diseases of bee colonies in time and strengthen their immunity.

We offer you an innovative development of scientists – a multicomponent symbiotic, which consists of probiotic strains and prebiotic nutrient medium in combination with positively charged iodine ions.

The main advantage of MBS is the creation of a fresh and live, without impurities, dietary supplement at home, thanks to two components that need to be combined 16-18 hours before use. The obtained symbiont allows to maintain the high efficiency of each of the newly created components, achieving the best results in disease prevention, immunomodulation and restoration of metabolic processes in the bee.


Preventive action

The components of MBS show antagonistic activity against pathogens, so it is recommended to use it for preventive measures against infectious and parasitic diseases.

Removal of toxins

Able to provide immune antioxidant protection against food and the use of chemicals, helps to neutralize free radicals and harmful substances formed during the decomposition of toxins.

Improving development

Microbiological symbiont has a positive effect on the development of bees, you get a healthy, productive apiary – resistant to disease, stress and adverse factors.


Live beneficial bacteria

The basis of the bacterial concentrate is a symbiosis of probiotic strains: live cultures of beneficial microorganisms Lactobacillus spp, Enterococcus spp, bacteria Bacillus subtilis.

Biologically available iodine

Prepared water, enriched with polyhydric iodine, which has antioxidant properties, has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Environmentally friendly products

MBS does not contain prohibited and chemical components, so you can not worry about the environmental friendliness and quality of your products.


Prevention, it is profitable

With timely preventive work, you will protect the apiary from diseases and poisoning by agrochemicals, which will reduce the cost of treatment or restoration of the apiary.

Improving honey collection

MBS improves the productivity of bee colonies. Add a prophylactic dose and by increasing the number, endurance and prolonging the life of the bee – an increase in production of up to 30%.

Increasing the number of bees

MBS is advantageous to use in breeding apiaries, because with proper use – increases the egg production of the uterus and reduces the loss of bees after winter.


Preparation for use:

1. remove circular tab and lift flap;
2. pull tap completely out and push tab in to lock tap;
3. remove security seal on the tap by pulling the perforated tab;
4. to open tap, push top button while lifting side flaps;
1. remove circular tab and lift flap;
2. pull tap completely out and push tab in to lock tap;
3. remove security seal on the tap by pulling the perforated tab;
4. to open tap, push top button while lifting side flaps;

Activation (fermentation) of the bacterial mixture:

5. take the package with the bacterial mixture from the box, unpack and pour water for activation from the package (box) so that the water level is between the minimum and maximum marks;
6. close the package with a zipper and mix the ingredients thoroughly;
7. leave to infuse at room temperature (60.8 – 77 °F) for 16 – 18 hours. After activation (infusion), if there is no need to use, place the symbiont in the refrigerator (37,4 – 42,8 °F), suitable for use – 7 days;

Indications for use:

8. for use, the activated symbiont is added to chilled (68 – 95 °F) sugar syrup prepared in a ratio of 1: 3 (one part sugar to three parts water) or invert sugar at the rate of 100 ounces of syrup per package of symbiont (for feeding 20 bee families);
9. the solution is given to bee colonies by uniformly spraying into the streets, or by pouring on the upper crossbar of the frame in the amount of 5 ounces per bee family. The strength of the bee colony does not matter and does not affect the amount of solution.

It is recommended to feed the bees with a complex symbiont three times (with an interval between feedings of three days), to repeat once every three months and with increased stress on the bee colony.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.FDA) - USID4311508

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